The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has the mandate to implement the Adolescent Health and Development (ADHD) Programme which has Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) as a major component.

This programme focuses on addressing the health needs of young people in Ghana, through the implementation of evidence-based interventions.


Improved health status of adolescents and young people through equitable access to appropriate, comprehensive, gender-sensitive, quality and cost-effective adolescent and youth responsive health information, education and services.


The goal of the Programme is to enhance the health status and quality of life of adolescents and young people in Ghana, to contribute towards realization of their full potential in national development through mainstreaming information and gender-sensitive and responsive health services.

Strategic Objectives

The Strategic Objectives for 2016-2020 are:

  1. Improve access to information on health and health services relevant to the gender specific needs of adolescents and young people to enable them make informed decisions
  2. Build capacity of health service providers and support staff to enable them have the required knowledge, skills and a positive attitude towards the provision of effective adolescent and youth responsive services at all levels.
  3. Improve access to specified package of health services that are of high quality, gender sensitive, disability-responsive in an appropriate environment at all levels.
  4. Develop and advocate for relevant enabling environment including protective health policies, and legislative framework to support the provision of Adolescent and Youth- Responsive Health Services (AYRHS) at all service delivery and management points.
  5. Promote partnership and inter-sectoral collaboration among adolescent and youth groups, relevant institutions and communities in the provision and utilization of Adolescent and Youth Responsive Health Service
  6. Develop innovative strategies to address financial barriers for AYRHS.
  7. Strengthen Research for evidence-informed policies and interventions in AYRHS.
  8. Strengthen management, leadership and support systems for AYRHS