The Joint UN Programme for Empowering Adolescent Girls has dedicated funds to support 15 small-scale projects to be implemented by adolescent health ambassadors through the National Adolescent Health Ambassadors Challenge (AHATHON).

We are currently receiving school-and community-based project ideas from adolescent health clubs in senior high schoolsinGhana.

The finalists will receive seed funding to support implementation of their projects. These projects will be showcased and awarded at the Annual Camp for Health Ambassadors. Finalists will also benefit from a project management training and will pitch their projects to win over all prizes.


  1. Applicants should be adolescent club members or trained health ambassadors.
  2. Team members should be adolescents (all aged between 10 to 19years).
  3. Project should:
    • Address health and development needs of adolescents at the local level(school,community,district).
    • Be innovative and provide solutions to problems
    • Be financially feasible.
    • Have potential for sustainability and opportunity to up scale and replicate in other settings.


  1. Promotion of Comprehensive Sexuality Education(CSE) with linkages to Sexual and Reproductive Health(SRH) services for adolescents and young people.
  2. Menstrual Hygiene Management and its linkages to and/or Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).
  1. Promoting/facilitating re-entry of adolescent mothers to school.
  2. Male (boys and men) engagement in CSE and SRHR.
  3. Parental involvement in CSE.
  4. Leveraging technology to promote adolescent health and development.
  5. Alcohol,drugs and substance abuse among adolescents and their implications on SRH of young people.
  6. Addressing gender norms,stereotyping,discrimination,sexual abuse and implication on SRH of young people.
  7. Preventing common infections(RTIs/STIs),and diseases amongst adolescents.


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Applicants are encouraged to print and keep the confirmation of their application and proposal sent to their email,for follow up purposes


Open and download both the application form and the budget template
After completion submit them to


Applications should be submitted on or before 30thApril,2019.